11 month outdated child flown to Temple after Houston Pediatrics had been busy

HOUSTON / TEMPLE, Texas – An 11-month-old girl who contracted COVID-19 was flown to Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Hospital after Harris Health couldn’t find a vacant bed in any of the children’s hospitals in Houston.

“I think the story of children and the Delta variant really has yet to be told,” said Dr. Dominic Lucia, McLane’s chief information officer. “We are at the beginning, so to speak. But what I can tell you, we see that many more children are infected. “

A helicopter took her to McLane because of the high bed occupancy, and Dr. Lucia says this could become a problem for her in the near future.

“What we see only because of the prevalence within the community, among the unvaccinated, we also see the pediatric population growing a little,” he said. “They haven’t used a significant portion of our pediatric intensive care beds, but we see a potential increase in cases like Ava. And that worries us all. “

After Ava arrived at McLane, she was given breathing assistance – but has now been taken off the ventilator as she is beginning to recover.

Although Dr. Lucia says the case numbers in children are still low, there is a possibility that it will increase as the Delta variant spreads – and those who can get the vaccine will choose not to.

“The vaccination is so important because what happens if the virus and the Delta variants and what other variants continue to spread rampant, the people who cannot receive the vaccine, like Ava, become vulnerable and have more problems at risk,” said Dr. Lucia. “And while children aren’t usually nearly as affected by COVID as adults, it certainly still happens.”

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