12 Days of Houston’s Most Well-liked Meals and Drink Experiences in 2020, Half 7: Supply & To-Go

Welcome to the seventh part of a series in which we present the remarkable food and drink experiences of a very strange year. In keeping with the holiday season, it’s also a very special collaboration between the Houston Press food writers and Houston Food Finder, the online publication founded by former restaurant critic and food editor Phaedra Cook of Houston Press. This seventh edition covers some of our writers’ favorite takeaway shows and experiences. Part eight deals with cocktails and spirits. In case you missed it, here’s Part 6: Coffee. For more parts of the series, see the list at the end of this article.

Favorite delivery

Pepperoni pizza from BOH Pasta + Pizza. Photo by Olivia Flores Alvarez.

When the dining rooms of restaurants were closed in March to combat the spread of the coronavirus, many businesses switched to deliveries. Some used third-party apps, others chose to hire their staff to do direct delivery (and some did both). With delivery options often limited by distance, it was difficult to try out many of Houston’s diverse options, but here are some of our favorites.

Bravery Chef Hall, 409 Travis: When the COVID-19 closings hit, this well-stocked grocery hall was quickly converted to direct delivery by its own staff and offered a diverse selection of kitchens at its eight food stalls. Customers can speak modern Vietnamese from Christine Has The blind goat with Cherry Block Craft Butchers + Kitchens decadent CB burger or Coconut well executed sushi with a bowl BOH’s homemade pasta and Beef empanadas the end David Guerrero‘S Andean coffee (or all of the above). There is something for everyone and the food comes promptly. Roadside pickup and dinner are also available.

Click Virtual Food Hall, 4901 Rose: Helmet by Koch and Kata Robata alum Gabe Medina, this ghost kitchen offered a delivery in earlier times. Now, its delivery is a reassuring port of call in this age of limited food. With 10 virtual “restaurants” – including collaborations with Burger-chan and Ninja window – From a blue bungalow there are delicious dishes for almost every palate, which is particularly advantageous for families.

Fat cuisine, 2616 Blodgett: Combining Katy’s favorites Fat restaurant, Alex Au-YeungMalaysian restaurant with soon-to-be favorites YELO, Cuc Lam‘s upcoming Bánh Mì stationary store, Phat Kitchen, offers inside-the-loop residents the chefs’ acclaimed take-away and delivery dishes. Order the savory and crispy Char Siu Xiu Mai Banh Mi, the warming Chicken curry noodle soup and a warm Beef Rendang Roti Taco, then prepare to enjoy a well-deserved feast in your own home. – David Leftwich, Associate Editor, Houston Food Finder

Favorite family meal to take away

Kim Son simple dinner saladKim Sons simple dinner salad with prawns. Photo by Tao La.

Takeout may have been a necessity this year, but it hasn’t always been affordable, especially for families. For those who couldn’t cook every day, some Houston restaurants have come up with creative ways to offer homely, everyday take-away meals at a cheaper price.

Who is last, 10603 Bellaire: With 37,000 square meters of restaurant and event space at the Bellaire site alone (Kim Son has three locations), paying rent and looking after employees, restaurateur Tao La not just the expenses, but the employees whose families depended on him. So he devised a way to support his employees and families in the Houston area and introduced a “simple family meal” for four that is only available for take-away at an incredibly low cost of $ 28. To give people variety and a reason to order every day, he posted a new menu every Sunday for each day of the following week. Some days there was bo luc lac, or shake with beef as a main course goi tom this salad with pork and prawns, a fried vegetables and maybe a Soup. Sundays were rolling days – spring rolls, Sausages in puff pastry, Skewers and Finger food. The Simple Family Dinner, on offer from the lockdown beginning through mid-November, provided an incredible service to the community while it lasted. – Mai Pham, author, Houston Press

Favorite food truck

Think Taco is parked at Antidote Coffee. Photo by David Leftwich.

Think tacos, different places: biting Think tacos fluffy eggs with bacon and cheese were like a warm, soothing hug – something badly needed this year. Almost every Saturday during the pandemic, after my trip to the Urban Harvest farmers market, I drove to the Antidote Coffee parking lot where Think’s red and blue striped white bus was parked and bought Breakfast tacos to bring home to my wife and daughter. In addition to various breakfast tacos, which are available with both a fiery red salsa and a spicy green, Think offers tacos Street tacos and Quesadillas with different fillings like Pastor, Carnitas and Fajitas, plus truck specialty Candis potatoes – a decadent combination of fried potatoes, cheese, onions, and coriander. Fridays, owner Candido Serrano fire up a stew and sell it Birria tacos in the Black Hole Coffee from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and in the Heights Beer Garden from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. tongue and grill, follow Think Tacos on social media. – David Leftwich, Associate Editor, Houston Food Finder

Favorite takeaway food

Thai food spread from the street to the kitchen. Photo by Kirsten Gilliam.X

With the dining world turned upside down, restaurants offering take away definitely have a moment. In Houston, that includes a date night favorite that tastes just as good at home and sizzling new Thai cuisine that rocks a Theodore Rex alum and drive-thru window to take away.

Squable, 632 West 19th: The buttery, raclette-smothered French cheeseburger On this day, nightspot absolutely holds up in a takeaway as long as you polish it off the second you reach your dining table (which isn’t difficult). The restaurant quickly added a simple online ordering system and convenient roadside pickup process when the restaurant’s dining rooms are closed, and it’s still in place, along with the reopened Squable dine-in service. Take advantage and win this burger as well as house favorites like marinated mussel toast and fusilli a la béarnaise (or whatever pasta this talented team led by Mark Clayton, Drew Gimma and Terry Williams serves). Oh, they have takeaway brunch options too.

Street to Kitchen, 6501 Harrisburg: Chef Benchawan “G” Jabthong painter describes the food in her newly opened East End kitchen as “outrageous, authentically Thai”. That means no sub-par ingredients, no sugary sauces, and no chicken in yours pad Thai – but there will be big golf prawns. The kitchen was originally only open for delivery and takeout from the drive-through window, but has since added socially distant dining on the patio. Visit to pick up traditional laarb (a northeast Thai salad with chicken, chilli, garlic, rice and more), fiery Drunk pasta, and addicted to painters Thai style fried chicken.— Brooke Viggiano, Author, Houston Press


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