“Arduous Knocks”: What If HBO Turned Its Cameras On Houston Texans?

Yes / Yes. We all turned on HBO’s Hard Knocks series with the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday night. While starring the Houston Texans’ rivals, it is still a television show about football.

Dak Prescott’s scarred ankle and aching arm. Jerry Jones’ tears (and over-salted McGriddle). Ezekiel Elliott’s questionable gift wrap. Mike McCarthy’s strange fascination with Austin Powers.

But why the cowboys?

America’s Team may be the NFL’s most valuable franchise at $ 6.5 billion, but in case anyone caught up, the organization hasn’t scented a Super Bowl in 26 years.

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While the Cowboys are making their third appearance at Hard Knocks, 19 teams are still in the spotlight. The Texans, of course, once starred, but that was back in 2015.

Six years ago, the show’s narrative included a quarterback bout between Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer, JJ Watt’s insane training regimen, Jadeveon Clowney returning from a knee injury, and – the culmination – Vince Wilfork showing up in overalls big enough to fit a 325-pound giant of a defensive battle.

Why not round 2 for the Texans? They might not be one of the best teams in the NFL in 2021, but they should be one of the most interesting.

If HBO turned its cameras on the sights, sounds, and storylines in Houston, America would be fixated. The top 5 plots:

5. Justin time – As one of the few stars to stay in Houston, Security Justin Reid enters his contract season.

4. Holy Nick? – New general manager Nick Caserio shapes an exhausted squad by calling up Stanford quarterback Davis Mills and Michigan receiver Nico Collins.

3. Trainer Culley – Everyone except Bill O’Brien, right? David Culley has trained for 27 seasons in the NFL, but Houston’s new head coach has never been as much as an offensive coordinator. He has had help from former NFL head coach and respected defensive guru Lovie Smith.

2. Deep in the heart – After long-time fan favorite and eternal face of the franchise JJ Watt moves to Arizona, how is the organization going to deal with their soul ripped out?

1. Deshaun drama – Let’s face it, with 22 pending lawsuits of alleged sexual assault and a trade claim pending as of January, NFL 2020 Passion Leader Deshaun Watson could have his own show.

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