Automobile monitoring ends in a violent crash in southeast Houston

HOUSTON – An overnight vehicle chase ended in a violent crash in southeast Houston, according to the Houston Police Department.

The crash occurred late Saturday evening in block 12200 of the Gulf Freeway access road to the north.

Investigators said an HPD-DWI unit on the Gulf Freeway observed a red corvette traveling at high speed on the feeder road north. The officer left the autobahn and stopped behind the red corvette, whereupon the suspicious vehicle sped away.

DWI, VCD, and Clear Lake officers are located at 12200 Gulf Freeway N / B Service Road. DWI officers attempted to stop a suspected DWI driver who lost control and hit a fence. The driver is expected to survive. 202

– Houston Police (@houstonpolice) July 11, 2021

The red corvette ran over a red light and came onto the autobahn. At some point the corvette driver crashed into a barrier wall, lost control of the vehicle, drove over the autobahn and hit a fence. During the pursuit, the corvette reached speeds of “well over 100 miles per hour,” investigators said.

On impact, the corvette got stuck in the fence and trapped the driver in it. The driver was seriously injured in the crash, the investigators said. The officer put a tourniquet on the driver while he waited for the paramedic to arrive. Firefighters cut the driver out of the corvette.


The driver should survive, said the police.

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