CAUTION! The Houston Fireplace Division is warning native residents to keep away from the streets because of flooding till Tuesday night

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) CenterPoint is currently assessing the damage while crews work to restore power after Hurricane Nicholas. The utility is asking people to keep phone lines open for power and natural gas calls.

At the height of the storm on Tuesday morning, around 440,000 customers are without electricity. The storm has sustained winds at 75 mph and gusts over 140 mph. According to CenterPoint, the greatest impacts are in the southern, central and eastern coverage areas. The company says the restoration process begins with facilities that are critical to safety, health, and well-being, such as hospitals, water treatment plants, and public facilities. After critical facilities, the company follows its priority restoration process by performing repairs on electrical facilities that first return power to the largest number of customers, and then continue the restoration process by prioritizing repairs to take advantage of the greatest number of customers, until power is restored everyone.

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