College districts within the Houston space divide on masking guidelines

Some districts implement mask mandates, while others implement the Gov. Follow Abbott prohibiting the introduction of mask mandates.

HOUSTON – Thousands of students in two major school districts in the Houston area will be returning to the classroom on Monday.

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As the COVID-19 Delta variant continues to spread and hospital admissions increase, the Spring Branch Independent School District said it plans to follow Harris County’s mask rules, while Aldine ISD said it would follow Governor Greg Abbott’s guideline follow.

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In May, Abbott signed an executive order banning government agencies such as counties, cities, or school districts from requiring or requiring masks. On Thursday, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo defied Abbott’s order and announced a mask mandate for all schools in the county.

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Some districts choose to listen to Abbott while others follow Harris County’s ordinance.

Aldine ISD announced that it will follow Harris County’s mask mandate and require all students, staff and visitors to wear a mask when visiting schools or administrative buildings and on all school buses.

It’s a decision that some parents like Dejah LeBlanc support.

“When everyone was wearing masks the numbers were going down, and I think if everyone was wearing masks we could get it under control and possibly get back to normal after everyone wore their masks and got their vaccinations,” LeBlanc said.

Spring Branch ISD said Harris County’s order conflicts with Abbott’s order to allow students and staff to wear masks.

Brett Garner agrees with Abbott’s order, and believes that the decision to wear a mask should be left to the parents and guardians.

“If parents want their child to come with a mask, I think they can come with a mask,” said Garner. “I don’t want my children’s faces to be covered all day. I think they have trouble breathing during the day, so I’m definitely on the governor’s side. “

Students plan to follow what their district and parents said was best for them.

London LeBlanc starts 5th grade in Aldine ISD

“I do not care. I’ll wear it, ”said London.

Alex Garner is in 5th grade in Spring Branch ISD

“I’m not really excited when I have to wear a mask. I’m happy to see my friends when they’re in my class, ”said Alex.

Aristle LeBlanc, London’s twin brother, said, “I want to wear one so I don’t get Corona.”

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