Course of Insights Opens New Plant in Houston | information

With the support of COSA Xentaur, this new facility will also provide on-site solutions for engineering, application consulting and process control and enable Process Insights to ensure a more efficient delivery process for high-tech instruments and moisture measurement systems.

The center integrates multiple solutions, including the COSA Xentaur solutions for SF6, dew point, purity and decomposition, as well as the trace and percentage oxygen analyzers from Alpha Omega Instruments.

Regarding the new Center of Excellent, Scott Fleishner, EVP & GM, Process Insights Americas said: “Our new Center of Excellence in Houston, Texas, represents a very important milestone in the expansion of our manufacturing and logistics capacities.”

“We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and distributors every day and offer technologies that are known for their breakthrough performance.”

In addition to a demonstration suite with full access, training and other services, the center offers solutions such as the total sulfur and nitrogen analyzers from ATOM Instrument, the mass spectrometers Extrel CMS, the water quality analyzers from LAR, the precision moisture measurement from MBW Calibration and the calibration systems with cooled mirror technology and the laser-based gas analyzers from Tiger Optics for ultra-high-purity parts-per-trillion-level measurements with cavity ring-down spectroscopy.

Joe Schwab, Chief Commercial Office, Process Insights, also commented on the new development, saying the company is constantly reflecting on the impact COVID is having on its customers and that it is in a position to add a world-class testing laboratory to its center of excellence. interactive training center and present our market-leading process control solutions.

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