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Sometimes the best quick, fresh, and inexpensive meals come from unexpected places – Houston especially. Sometimes convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores have unexpected mom-and-pop gems. This is the case for Oh mmm gyros, nestled in a corner of the recently opened J Mart Supermarket in 3801 Jeanetta. owner Shazia Hussain invited Houston Food Finder to review the offerings.

Oh mmm gyros served build your own rice bowls and wraps, similar to what you would find on rotary carts. In addition to traditional bowls of gyro meat or chicken on a bed of rice, there are some less common and fusion dishes, all made with fresh halal ingredients and sauces.

The rice plates at Oh Mmm Gyros are filling and customizable. Photo by Ryan Baker.

The typical dishes at Oh Mmm Gyros are that Rice plateswho have made a choice chicken, Beef gyros or a combination of both on a base of seasoned rice and a whole range of toppings: cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, jalapeños, cucumbers, corn, onions and homemade white and hot pepper sauces. The chicken is marinated for 24 hours and has a mild taste that mixes well with the rice. Instead of the more common, thin and often flimsy shavings, the gyro beef is cut into thick, hearty bites – a pleasant texture with every bite. The bowls are filling and with such a wide variety of toppings well worth the $ 8 to $ 9 price range. If the rice bowl isn’t what you’re looking for, the shop has all of these options in a thick, soft one too Pita wrap.

Vegetarians are lucky with the large selection. Oh mmm gyros served Falafel and Poppin ‘potato, a lightly fried potato mix resembling a croquette, filled with paneer cheese and pea puree.

For an additional meat-free option at Oh Mmm Gyros, guests can choose crispy paneer and pea-filled fried potatoes. Photo by Ryan Baker.

The $ 5 OMGyro fries Show the fusion skills of the kitchen. Crunchy french fries are topped off with gyro meat, feta cheese and the mild and white sauces of the house, which go well with the peppery and sour flavors of shredded hot cheetos. Guests can also get their gyros in on the fusion side of the menu. enjoy Quesadilla with grilled onions and melted cheese wrapped in a hot tortilla.

The counter at Oh Mmm Gyros lights up the shop in hot pink. Photo by Ryan Baker.

Speaking of red and white sauces, even larger chains struggle to even out the red sauce’s amount of heat, which makes it a game to balance the hot sauce with the soothing white sauce before turning the bowl into a mushy mess. Signs with the inscription “The sauce boss“Are designed to help guests estimate how much of the homemade sauces to use and when. The traditional red pepper sauce has a pungent taste and a lot of heat, but it’s not as overwhelming as other gyro places. An alternative for those who like it milder is the signature pink saucethat is alive in color and taste. Peppercorn and mayonnaise flavors take center stage in the heat-restraining white sauce.

Oh Mmm Gyros host, J Mart, is a well-rounded stop with plenty of snacks, drinks, and general items for customers to take with them while their meal is being prepared. One thing that stands out with both J Mart and Oh Mmm Gyros is the cleanliness of both: each is spotless.

Oh Mmm Gyros is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and J Mart is also open 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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