Fur infants rescued from Hurricane Ida now want a “fur” dwelling in Houston

HOUSTON (KW39) Before Hurricane Ida hit the Louisiana coast, the Houston Humane Society went into action to rescue animals at animal shelters around Louisiana. Volunteers were able to evacuate nearly 100 Jefferson SPCA shelter dogs in New Orleans. HHS provided food and shelter and a dry and comfortable place to sleep. Now these rescued animals are ready for their next adventure and life.

Houston Humane Society

This is why the Houston Humane Society is offering a 50% discount on Hurricane Ida Rescues adoption. The animal shelter, one of the city’s largest nonprofit animal welfare organizations, is dedicated to combating cruelty, abuse and overpopulation of animals. The goal of this adoption program is to give more families in the greater Houston area an affordable opportunity to find a new furry companion. Prospective adopters can visit the shelter to meet the dogs that are eligible for discounted adoption. Just go to:
Houston Humane Society
14700 Almeda Street.
Houston, TX 77053

Houston Humane Society

Prior to Hurricane Ida, the Houston Humane Society had reached critical capacity due to COVID-related surrenders and suspension cases. In the aftermath of the storm, the Houston Humane Society established the Hurricane Ida Animal Relief Fund to help cover the costs of food, shelter, and medical care for rescued animals. To learn more about the fund and donation opportunities, visit: Hurricane Ida Animal Relief.

Houston Humane Society

Via the Houston Humane Society
For more than 60 years, the Houston Humane Society has been dedicated to ending cruelty, abuse, and overpopulation of animals and to providing the highest quality of life to the people being cared for. As the leading animal welfare organization in the region, the Houston Humane Society offers adoption, low-cost services, free resource programs, examinations and adoptions of cruelty to animals, and is the only regional animal shelter with full veterinary services available to the public. In 2020, the Houston Humane Society distributed more than 1.5 million animal meals to animals in need, performed more than 12,000 neutered surgeries, veterinary services to more than 40,000 animals, and helped 3,000 animals find their homes forever.


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