Greatest Of Houston® 2021: Greatest Enchiladas

Best Enchiladas: Mole Enchiladas, Teotihuacan Mexican Café

Beware of the food critics who use words like “sublime” and “divine” to describe the humble but compelling enchilada. Although it may taste heavenly, a great enchilada should remind everyone of its earthiness. The simple but lasting goodness of Masa, which is lovingly worked and rolled by experienced hands, for a start. The cheese, vegetables, or protein it contains should transport eaters on a daydream of an artisanal dairy farm or small family farm with happy animals or a seafood-collecting boat that Hemingway would be proud of.

These are the vignettes that come to life in our brains buzzing with endorphins from the enchilada selection at the Teotihuacan Mexican Café. Pretty much anything you can put on a plate or bowl here is delicious, but the enchiladas are exceptional. One yelper boldly announced that she would “fight for a plate” without paying attention to whether “you” are an MMA pro or even bothering to indicate which enchiladas are worth fighting (there is cheese, spinach, Fajita, ground beef, carnitas). and types of shrimp). We think the best of them are the enchiladas de mole.

The sauce is nutty, flavorful, and rich like the blood of an elf king, and is generously ladled over a pair of warm, soft tortillas filled with a mixture of chopped and shredded chicken. The chicken is so flavorful that we’ll try to extract it from the inside out with the steady hand of a winner at this Operations board game just to enjoy it on our own. The electrifying buzz really comes from a full bite, however – tortilla, queso fresco, chicken, and that decadent mole, the bane of every chopped candidate who gets chocolate, peanuts, and 30 minutes (“The clock starts now!”). One taste and it is clear that the chefs at Teotihuacan take the time to develop their mole as down to earth as it has been done for hundreds of years.

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