Greatest Of Houston® 2021: Greatest Mocktail Listing

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Mocktails at Yi Peng Thai Dining are quaint and delicious.

Photo by Mai Pham

List of the best mocktails: Yi Peng Thai Dining

Despite the growing consumer demand for mocktails and special “zeroproof” drinks that do not contain alcohol, most restaurants only offer non-alcoholic drinks afterwards. Not so at Yi Peng Thai Dining by Chef Jett and Jura Hurapan in Memorial City’s CITYCENTRE, where guests are presented with both a cocktail and a mocktail menu when they sit down. There is the Yi Peng Sunrise, made from melon juice and coconut water, shaken and strained into a coupe glass and garnished with a melon ball and lime wedge.

Another fun creation is the Smiling Buddha, which comes in a clear glass mug with diced cucumber pieces in a bubbly mix of lime juice and club soda. or Coco Pom, a game with a mojito made from pomegranate juice and coconut water. There are a total of six mocktails to choose from, each beautifully crafted order. The fact that you can enjoy some of the best Thai dishes in town is an added bonus.

798 Sorella, Suite 125, Houston

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