Greatest Of Houston® 2021: Greatest Soup Dumplings

Best Soup Dumplings: Wanna Bao

A regional specialty from Shanghai, soup dumplings or Xiaolongbao, are a delicacy that is difficult to master. First, the dumping skin has to be freshly prepared and rolled into paper thin by hand. Then the dumpling itself needs to be made quickly – the filling is placed on the skin that has just been rolled, and then closed with a series of folds that result in a perfectly shaped round dumpling. The soup dumplings are cooked and steamed to order and must be served steaming hot at the table with all of the juice locked in.

That’s what happens at Wanna Bao in Midtown. Owner Dean Dee, whose parents own One Dragon Restaurant in Chinatown, learned the art of making soup dumplings from his father and then developed his own recipe. The results are delicious. Six pieces served to order and presented in a bamboo steaming basket with small tongs, the wafer-thin dumpling casings are tender but elastic, the soup plentiful and spicy, the moist pork filling perfectly seasoned, so that every package is simply a joy to eat.

2708 Bagby, Houston

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