Help our work and obtain a field of presents from Houston eating places!

Update: The first goodie box is completely gone, but you can email us to let us know about the second one which will be released in August. The price is $ 49 and the value will be approximately $ 150.

It seems like subscription boxes are available for everything these days, but we thought our readers would look forward to the one that focuses on food, drink, and an abundance of other goodies from Houston restaurants and other small businesses. We are therefore pleased that the Houston Food Finder Goodie Box. Only 25 of these boxes will be made and there are only 14 9 0 left.

Houston Food Finder has some wonderful business sponsors, but like many other journalistic endeavors these days, our publication owes much of its existence to its supporting readers. This is one of the main ways to pay our writers, editors, social media assistants, graphic designers, website developers, etc. For this purpose, these boxes are only offered to readers who significantly support our work.

So what’s in the box? Here are just a few teases:

  • A beautiful hardcover cookbook from a well-known Houston author
  • Restaurant vouchers
  • A large jar of spice rub developed by a top Houston chef
  • Gourmet salt
  • A glass of hot sauce that we absolutely love

Patreon Houston Food Finder SwagChoose one of the swag packs on Patreon and not only receive the mystery box, but also a new Houston Food Finder swag item every quarter! Photos via Patreon / Collage by Phaedra Cook.

How can you grab one of these special boxes, worth about $ 200 each? There are three options:

Boxing is ONLY for residents of Houston and its suburbs (Katy, Sugar Land, etc.) 21 years of age or older. These cannot be sent. If we see demand outside of the city, next time we will make sure they are ready to ship. The first two courier appointments are June 24th from 4pm to 8pm and June 25th from 8am to 1pm.

If these sell out, you can bet there will be another in a few months – and it will be offered to our best supporting readers first. Thank you in advance for your support and we hope you like the box!

We also really appreciate these sponsors who have already provided items for the Mystery Boxes:

Houston area restaurants and other small business owners interested in contributing items to the box and providing in-kind contributions to our work should email us. Since there are already some bulky items, we recommend sending smaller items such as gift cards, certificates or samples. It’s a great way to get your brand into the hands of some of the most passionate customers on the Houston hospitality scene.

Has this article been of any use to you? We rely on our readers and sponsors to cover monthly expenses such as authoring and social media fees, administrative expenses, web development, software, online services, website hosting, and more. Can you only deposit $ 5 a month to keep our coverage up? (Not tax deductible.) Thank you in advance for supporting local journalism! To become a sponsorship company and advertise on Houston Food Finder, send us an email.

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