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This man has been selling a traditional sandwich for 30 years

This man has been selling traditional egg sandwiches for over 30 yearsThe classic ‘egg and bread’ sandwich is a Syrian street food traditionLocation: Damascus (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SANDWICH SELLER, MOHAMMED SULEIMAN AL-NASRI, SAY “It’s an inheritance. I. Started in 1990, which means I’ve been working in it for thirty or even thirty-one years, Hajji (my grandfather) worked in it for forty years, and my father worked in it for many years too, I don’t know exactly how long. It’s been around for almost 115 years . ” Nasri adds his own special touch: a boiled potato worker traditionally grabbed a sandwich on the way to work It is now an affordable street food that is popular with everyone (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic): “Every time I come by, I have to come to him because he has the best food, the egg, the potato and the bread. ” (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SYRIAN MAN, HAIDAR, SAY: “Because it’s natural. I buy falafel sandwich from other stores, it’s not good. Why? Because you don’t know what it is. Here at Uncle Abu Suleiman eggs are healthy, potatoes are healthy, you know where they come from. You know where tomatoes come from. “

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