Houston Climate – 7 day forecast options rain, storms and heavy downpours for the Houston space

HOUSTON (KW39) Some people need an umbrella when they get out this morning. At the moment we have a few isolated showers in the area. However, we did talk about this storm threat and that is going to be a bigger story tonight.

So just generally some lightly scattered rain, maybe a few storms or something in the evening and overnight.

At the moment we can get through most of the day without really heavy downpours. To the north of us sits a front that stumbles and causes storms.

At the end of yesterday, a large baseball-sized hail up to 3 inches in diameter occurred northwest of Austin.

Here this morning in front of this front we have a warm and humid atmosphere with a few occasional light to moderate showers that are currently in progress. There are no thunderstorms here and for most of the day you don’t have to expect any significant thunderstorm activity. That could happen just before sunset or tonight after that.

In town this morning it only rains here and there some commuters who will hit that rain this morning. It’s not difficult, but it just takes a little rain to slide the roads for the drivers.

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