Houston hip-hop icon Bun B presents a brand new burger pop-up at Tastemakers

One of the most famous food fans in Houston makes the leap from lawyer to creator. Hip hop legend Bun B has started Trillburgerhe announced on Instagram.

The musician, activist and writer debuted the concept on the CultureMap Tastemaker Awards ceremony. Trill Burgers offers a thin, diner-style cheeseburger that cooks on a griddle for really crispy edges. An enthusiastic crowd devoured the burgers so quickly that they were among the first salespeople of the evening to run out of food.

To bring Trill Burger to life, Bun B teamed up with Californian restaurateur Andy Nguyen and Sticky’s Chicken owners Patsy and Benson Vivares. Nguyen is known as the “Mash-up King of the Food Industry” by the Food Network and is best known for Afters Ice Cream, a Southern California sensation with more than 25 locations. On site, Nguyen joined the Vivares siblings to turn their popular food truck into a successful brick-and-mortar restaurant.

“After the pandemic, we developed ideas for ghost kitchens and pop-ups with Andy, and he kept coming back to the concept of smashed burgers,” Patsy Vivares said in a statement. “We arranged a meeting with Bun through our publicist and friend Nick Scurfield and decided to work together on this project. I can’t believe it’s really happening! “

Talking about the concept at the awards, Bun said the next Trill Burgers pop-up will be at Sticky’s Chicken in August, with more events to follow. If everything goes according to plan, a permanent restaurant will open by the end of the year.

Other details, like the side dishes and drinks that Trill Burger serve, are light. Here we hope for crispy french fries, onion rings and trill milk shakes.

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