Houston household in concern of sinkholes within the entrance yard

HOUSTON – A family from Houston says that despite numerous repairs, a hole in the ground keeps popping up in their front yard and is now threatening the foundation of their house.

The Coligan family, who live on Martin St., said a basketball-sized sinkhole appeared in their front yard in May and is now about half the size of a limo.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first or second time the family has looked at this issue over the years.

“It just eats up our garden,” says Maren Coligan, who has lived in her house with her husband James for nine years.

On Tuesday, the KPRC 2 family showed a picture of a small sinkhole taken outside their home two months ago.

“It will only get worse on June 16th and 19th. And then here we are today with this huge hole that they barricaded and a piece of plywood thrown over, ”said Maren.

The family said they had been forced to deal with this ongoing problem for years.


“Two years ago we called about a municipal rainwater project because we noticed the yard around the manhole was beginning to sink,” said Maren.

Over the years, the couple said they made numerous calls to 311, and despite the repairs deemed repairs by the city works council, the problem is returning worse than before.

“They come and say they are doing tests, staining tests. They come and dig it up and just fill it up with soil, ”James said.

On Tuesday, the city sent us a statement that they had repaired a broken water line that previously ran under the Coligan’s property several times, calling the problem a problem with aging infrastructure.

A public works department spokeswoman said the engineers will work to determine if the problem is just with the aqueduct or if there are other factors.

The coligans hope they move quickly.

“We drove out of town last week and came back and it was a lot bigger,” said James.


“The problem is, it’s raining every day right now, and it’s literally growing every day, and in two weeks it could very possibly be under our house,” Maren said.

The Coligans said the city had promised to fix the problem once and for all within two to four weeks. But since their children’s bedroom is only two meters away from the growing sinkhole, the family wonders if they even have that much time.

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