Houston mother is given eight years probation after pleading responsible to killing her 9-year-old son in 2017

A Houston woman was sentenced to eight years’ reprieve after pleading guilty to the death of her 9-year-old son in 2017.

Ramona Stevenson went before a judge on July 16, pleading guilty to the death of 9-year-old Dayleon, who was found dead in Stevenson’s bed in an apartment in north Houston.

In reports of the July 14, 2017 incident, authorities said the boy was malnourished and had multiple cuts and bruises on his body.

Stevenson and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Ladesmon Lewis, were charged with harming a child, a crime.

At the time, Stevenson told police that Dayleon was diagnosed with seizures and prescribed medication at a very young age, but stopped giving them because she didn’t think it helped.

The night before his death, Dayleon reportedly suffered four seizures and went to bed without eating. When Stevenson checked on him in the middle of the night, she thought something was wrong but told the police that they planned to take him to the hospital that morning.

Now, four years later, Stevenson pleaded guilty to failing to injure a child, a second-degree crime.

Deferred decision is a special form of probation ordered by the judge that enables Stevenson to accept responsibility for a crime without an actual conviction on record. Under her sentence, Stevenson must do the following:

  • Can’t commit crimes
  • Must not take or possess illegal or prescription drugs that are not currently prescribed by a doctor
  • Report to the inspector
  • Have suitable employment and / or attend school full-time
  • Stay within Harris County or other counties directly contacting Harris County and cannot travel outside of the location without permission

Stevenson’s friend is due to appear in court in August.

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