Houston Occurring – Meet Kirby the Texans Pup

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) – The NFL season is just around the corner! And the Houston Texans have a new rookie in the roster, let’s just say he’s pretty cute. Houston Happens presenter Maggie Flecknoe introduces us to Kirby the Texans Pup.

This little yellow Labrador Retriever is a service puppy in training. The Houston Texans partnered with Kroger to work with America’s VetDogs. Once Kirby has completed basic training with volunteer MacKenzie Carol and socialization with Texas staff, players and fans over the next 16-18 months, he will be placed with a veteran or first responder with disabilities.

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Also check out the behind-the-scenes puppy pictures with Kirby and Maggie. Please visit here.



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