Houston occurs – August 4th, 2021

Atlantic developments

Hurricane updates

Garden forecast

Star Harvey Wednesday weather

Star Harvey 7 days


Eviction, economic aid programs

Migrant Transportation, Cuomo Sex Investigation, Texas Dems – Sharron Melton

Mystery Wire – werewolves, dogmas, UFOs in English forests

Days to … Autumn, Halloween, Labor Day, Back to School – Carrigan Chauvin

Houston City Workers Ordering Masks – Sharron Melton

Ozone Day of Action – Star Harvey, Carrigan Chauvin

NEW REPORT – Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Star Harvey 7 days

Simone Biles wins bronze on Beam – Sharron Melton, Hannah Trippett

Storms hold off along the coast – Carrigan Chauvin

President Biden will address the fight against COVID-19 on Tuesday

Mask Mandate of the City of Houston – Sharron Melton


Tropics and Saharan Dust – Adam Krueger

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