Houston occurs! Monday, August 30th

HOUSTON (CW39) – Best Friends Emergency Response Teams are in Louisiana bringing hundreds of Hurricane Ida-hit animals to safety. A team was sent to New Orleans in five vans to rescue over 100 animals. The teams take her to partner accommodations in San Antonio as well as Operation Kindness in Dallas. They also work with local animal shelters and emergency services in Louisiana to get the supplies they need and keep the animals safe. According to the animal welfare organization, over 200 animals were transported to reception groups across the country.

According to the Best Friends Animal Society, there has been a decrease in pet adoptions in animal shelters and an increase in animal consumption across the country compared to last year. They also say that we are at the height of the kitten season when most cats traditionally end up litters at the shelter. The ongoing pandemic, together with Hurricane Ida, is causing the accommodations to become even more overloaded. To help adopt or care for an animal, click this link. To donate to Best Friends programs that help animals in need, visit bestfriends.org.

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