Houston Occurs – Star’s Mom Birthday, Group Well being Community, Energy Wizard, Simone Biles and Psychological Sickness

Pat Walker, Little Rock, Arkansas on CW39 07282021 9 a.m.

NO WEATHER + TRAFFIC 6AM July 28, 2021

86 active major forest fires in 12 states – Star Harvey

Rodeo Houston concert tickets go on sale July 29th – Sharron Melton

Ozone Action Day – Adam Krueger

New NWS Warning System – Carrigan Chauvin

7 Day Forecast – Star Harvey

CDC updates mask requirement

Two dead in a chemical leak at LyondellBasell in LaPorte

Heat index forecast – Carrigan Chauvvin

Simone Biles withdraws from Tokyo All-Around

Simone Biles press conference in Tokyo after leaving Team USA

Olympic prediction and tropical update in Tokyo – Adam Kruger

Safety in case of heat stroke in dogs

National smoke forecast with an impact on air quality – Adam Krueger

Historic drought in the west

106 ° feels like temperatures on Tuesday in Houston – Adam Kreuger

Best food and drink against the heat – Carrigan Chauvin

Tropical storm, typhoon affecting the Tokyo Olympics

First Japan Houston Medal 2020, Simone Manuel

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