Houston Restaurant Weeks 2021 is heating up with 10 thrilling new choices

HOUSTON, Texas – Happy Reservation Day, Houston. The Houston Restaurant Weeks website has officially gone live, meaning people across town are scouting their menus and making plans for August.

For refreshment, the Houston Restaurant Weeks is a month-long charity event running August 1st through September 6th Labor Day. Participating restaurants serve fixed-price menus at set prices – $ 35 or $ 49 for dinner, $ 20 for lunch or brunch – and donate a corresponding amount of money to the Houston Food Bank for each meal sold. As in the previous year, many participants also offer to-go offers.

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The event was hugely successful, raising over $ 16 million for the charity since 2003, turning August from a slowest month for a restaurant to one of the busiest. Attendees range from Houston-based institutions like Brennan’s of Houston and Tony’s to top steakhouses like B&B Butchers and Vic & Anthony’s to more humble family-run businesses that target the attention of HRW people.

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