Houston SPCA gives tips about getting ready for hurricane and Tripawd terriers

Three Legs Become King, a four-year-old Bull Terrier mix, doesn’t stop them from having fun and petting.

The male is currently with Houston SPCAwhere he went after being rescued by atrocity investigators from a dire situation that resulted in the removal of one of his legs surgically.

But no worry! The 47-pound boy doesn’t let his trinity slow him down a bit and is now eagerly waiting for his new family to come and find him.

King’s $ 55 adoption fee includes castration, microchips, the latest vaccinations, free food from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and a free follow-up visit to any VCA animal hospital.

The Houston SPCA is now open to the public without prior notice. Visit King and all of his other adoptive buddies this weekend, Friday-Sunday from 11am to 6pm, or Monday-Thursday from 12pm to 7pm during the week.

And with hurricane season approaching, the Houston SPCA has a few tips that all pet owners should be aware of:

Make a portable DIY pet disaster kit This includes food (sufficient for at least two weeks), water, medication, printed rabies and vaccination cards and portable bed linen.

Take a selfie with your pet to prove possession in case your pet is lost. All dogs and cats should wear collars with ID tags, in addition to a microchip with electricity
Contact information.

“You should also provide the contact information of a relative or friend outside of the greater Houston area in case landline and cellular services do not work immediately after a disaster,” says Dr. Roberta Westbrook, chief veterinarian for the Houston SPCA.

Remember that when conditions are unsafe for humans, they are unsafe for pets. If you need to evacuate, take your pet with you. If you plan to stay home, bring pets in case of severe flooding. Identify an evacuation route and make arrangements for temporary housing well in advance of a storm, especially since emergency shelters and hotels may be limited in space due to social distancing. This often means you can find a boarding school or a veterinary office close to where you are staying.

Here are portable checklists in English and Spanish.

The Houston SPCA Adoption Center is now open without an appointment. You can search online or drop by in person to meet King and all of the other adoptable pets.

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