Houston Steakhouse makes a $ 25 quaint with unique bourbon

After a year of waiting thanks to the pandemic, Doris Metropolitan finally got his collaboration with. released Maker’s Mark Bourbon. It’s a private barrel selection from the distillery, and Doris Metropolitan has a $ 25. created Doris old-fashioned Cocktail to demonstrate the spirit of limited availability.

Maker’s Mark’s private barrel selection program allows buyers to select barrels that have the staves or wooden slats that make up the walls adjusted and replaced for finishing purposes. The staves give the liqueur unique refinement and taste profiles during maturation.

Doris Metropolitan, an Israeli bar and restaurant, started in New Orleans before opening a location in Houston in 2018. It’s known for a decadent menu that benefits from an in-house butcher shop and its hand-cut steak selection. A thoughtful and elegant bar serves a wide selection of wines – worth nine pages – and a dozen house cocktails, including Daiquiris and a classic New Orleans Sazerac.

The $ 25 Doris Old Fashioned is made with exclusive Maker’s Mark whiskey. Photo by Ryan Baker.

Guests can sample Maker’s Mark’s private selection, either made into the $ 25 Old Fashioned, or simply order a sip to sample the pristine spirit. Maker’s Mark is known for its above-average sweet taste, the soft finish and the characteristic red wax seal on the bottle.

Houston Food Finder has been invited to try Maker’s Mark’s special selection both neat and in the Old Fashioned. At almost 112 proof, the Doris selection is “spicy”, with an alcohol spirit that has a much greater impact than the 90 proof of the standard Maker’s Mark whiskey. It’s also less sweet and projects a more flavorful profile.

It works well as part of an old fashioned cocktail, adding just enough sweetness and dilution to make the bourbon a little easier to handle without losing much of its flavor. (If $ 25 sounds steep, there’s actually one cocktail on the list that’s five times the price. It’s made from Macallan Rare Cask and costs $ 125.)

Bar manager Mauro and his team offer great service to guests at the Doris Metropolitan. Photo by Ryan Baker.

By the way: the hospitality of the bar manager Mauro Cisneros and his team is top notch. If you enjoy cocktails, ask for a seat at the bar for a special experience that is difficult to replicate at a traditional table.

Doris Metropolitan is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5pm to 10pm. Reservations are recommended and can be made online.

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