Houston Taking place: Buddies For Life Animal Shelter helps veterans and households hold canine by constructing a fence

GALVESTON – Friends For Life Animal Shelter is known for truly being a friend for life in the community.

In December, the nonprofit heard of a Galveston family seeking help building and paying for a fence. Your dog Bella is a strange danger and therefore it is very stressful for her to walk on a leash every time she has to go to the potty and to see people on these walks.

Sam and Joanna Cline are a family of seven with five little ones. They were homeless for the majority of 2020, but have now qualified for housing construction according to Section 8 with VA benefits. You are so grateful for this blessing, but the house did not have a fence. They were faced with the heartbreaking decision to embarrass Bella when they couldn’t figure something out.

Friends For Life isn’t in the business of building fences, but rather keeping people and pets together at all costs.

If you can’t find resources to keep a pet with your family, go back to the drawing board and see what can be done.

Volunteer Lead, Savannah, had previously worked for a fencing company. The facility coordinator Abel is handy and can fix almost anything. And the Friends For Life army of #BlueShirt volunteers give their time with a commitment that is second to none. So that’s where they started.

After some planning and approval issues that were beyond their control, the date was finally set for them to start the project. Between tools her team borrowed, volunteers raising donations for supplies, and some exceptional coordination and research by the Volunteer Lead, Savannah, the plan was drawn up.

For a full Friday and Saturday, the team sank posts, leveled backer rails, and fastened fence posts until everything was ready.

The work didn’t stop at a fence. They also worked with Bella on behavior to make her more comfortable around strangers.

More information about Friends For Life Animal Shelter can be found at: https://friends4life.org/

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