Houston Texans’ Star Justin Reid Wonderful at Reporting and … Chess?

With so many new faces in the Houston Texans defense, it is up to the few veterans remaining to reinforce themselves.

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Reid, a third round steal from Stanford in 2018, has been a key figure for Texans since day one. And the 24-year-old is already shaping this year’s newcomers.

“He’s a good security,” said veteran linebacker Christian Kirksey on Saturday. “You can tell that he knows where to be. He tunes in to his keys. He is very intelligent. Today, as you could see, he had these two intercepts. He’s a ball hawk. He’s a ball player. “

And while most were focused on the offensive mistakes that led to Reid’s interception, it’s worth noting that such big defensive games are exactly what Texans should see from one of their star players.

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Not to mention the fact that he’s had a slightly disappointing season when he failed to intercept for the first time in his young career. Hence, Kirksey’s praise combined with his warehouse productivity is excellent news for Texas fans.

But Reid was not only successful on the field …

“One little thing about him and me, we played in the locker room, we play chess, and you can just tell he’s smart overall,” said Kirksey. “Very good chess player. He hit me twice yesterday so I had to go back to the locker room and challenge him again.”

When chess in the locker room gets the most out of players like Reid, it is time the Texans install boards in every room at NRG Stadium.

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