Houston’s most unusual new constructing will grow to be a worldwide mannequin for millionaire’s palaces: Giorgetti Houston prepares the stage for future New York and London skyscrapers and offers the Bayou Metropolis Main bragging rights

TNo other building in Houston compares to this one – and it is quickly becoming a model for the world of international style. With the construction of the new Giorgetti Houston – the famous Italian furniture manufacturer’s first branded building – plans are still in the works for more Giorgetti buildings in some of the world’s most demanding cities.

“I believe this will be the start of a number of buildings around the world,” says Jacob Sudhoff, one of the brave contributors to this new middle house in Upper Kirby. “I was in New York last week and met people through Giorgetti New York, Giorgetti Miami. You are already looking for Giorgetti London, Paris.

“I like that the very first one was in Houston.”

Yes, Houston has not lagged far behind most major American cities when it comes to high-rise residential living, it is setting the pace with the types of buildings never built before. What a difference a few years – and a daring plan – can make.

“I spoke to the editor of Architectural Digest in New York on Friday and it’s so much different,” Sudhoff told PaperCity. “We’re really emerging as a city in a way that I’ve never seen before on projects like this.”

For developer Will Stolz, it’s the kind of development one almost never dares to dream of.

“Five years ago I really couldn’t have imagined this project anywhere where I worked,” says Stolz, who has been developing building for 30 years. “It’s just so unique.”

It is probably the first really brand-curated residential building ever – a collaboration between Giorgetti, Stolz Partners, Sudhoff Companies and the Houston architecture and design office Mirador. While there have been a number of other high profile “branded” buildings around the world (for example, the Porsche Design Tower in Miami), the connection between the building and the brand is often poor at best.

“These other companies that previously built condominiums had no real impact on the way you lived,” notes Sudhoff. “As with (New York’s) Baccarat (tower), you’d have a couple of Baccarat chandeliers. The difference to Giorgetti is that they are a lifestyle brand. Essentially, Giorgetti curates the space you live in. Bring your brand and creative DNA to the room you live in.

“It’s a very unique attribute – no other condominiums have anything like it.”

Giorgetti has set everything that will be in this new middle house in Houston with over $ 1.5 million plus homes. If the traditional Italian company didn’t make something that a unit needed, they decided who would make it. For example, Giorgetti Houston has no wood that is less than 180 years old in the entire building. Officials from the Giorgetti company insisted that Listone Giordano install the parquet floors. This European company only uses wood from the forests of the Burgundy region of France to be absolutely sure of its quality.

Stepping on these hardwood floors can be similar to the feeling a child gets when they try ice cream for the first time. There’s nothing like it – and you can’t believe that you didn’t know beforehand that such a thing existed.

It is touches like this that Sudhoff is convinced that as soon as it actually opens, Giorgetti Houston will take on a whole new aura and a whole new seal of approval.

“I don’t think people really appreciate it until they actually live in it or see it with their own eyes,” says Sudhoff. “Once it’s built, I believe we’ll always have a waiting list of people who want to buy it.”

With that in mind, condominium sales (and condominium sales (now it’s more than 50 percent now, triggering construction to start in 2992 Kirby, which should be completed by the end of 2019) is a little different in this new mid-size luxury home the usual process. While Giorgetti may be a 120-year-old institution, it is not instantly known even to many River Oaks homeowners.

“It’s not a household name,” says Stolz. “As Jacob Sudhoff likes to say, it is a company that serves the top percent of The One Percent.”

With awe to Italy

When new owners commit to buying a Giorgetti Houston condominium, they take a trip to the company’s Italian factory to see how Giorgetti makes furniture. These trips may not be entirely life changing, but they certainly tend to quickly change people’s attitudes towards living.

“As we say, ‘When you come back from Italy, drink the Kool-Aid,'” Sudhoff slams.

“It’s not a building that you can explain to someone in two minutes,” says Stolz. Instead, you take them across an ocean for it.

Giorgetti Houston won’t have cookie cutter furniture anywhere.

After the trip to the Giorgetti factory, several buyers have committed to fully curating their new home from the company. These buyers will get rid of all of their old furniture – and even their dishes – and let Giorgetti do it all. As in everything.

Sudhoff laughs when asked if another project he’s been involved in has ever taken buyers on a literal journey like this. “Never,” he says. “There was never a place to take them with you.”

This is a whole new Giorgetti world. A completely different sense of craftsmanship and beyond a sense of detail. And in many ways, it points to a whole new future for Houston and how that city is perceived.

“We had a gentleman from Beijing who knows Giorgetti very well and said, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe Houston will have that,'” says Sudhoff. “It really helps to improve your opinion of where Houston is going and what kinds of challenging projects are out now.”

Sometimes a building isn’t just a building. Houston gets the first Giorgetti. Then the rest of the world can step in.

Who would have ever seen this future?

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