Houston’s star-studded “anti-food pageant” is popping into a brand new 3-day occasion

Houstonians will have to wait a little longer to see this Commune Food festival. Citing an increase in COVID-19 case numbers and hospital stays, the two-week festival, which was originally scheduled for August 21 to September 5, has been postponed to March, as announced.

Instead of the full list of events, Commune will offer a preview edition consisting of three evenings of collaboration dinners alongside three of the pop-ups that would have taken place at the larger festival. It will take place on August 26th, 27th and 29th.

Those who have already bought tickets will be given the first opportunity to buy tickets for the preview event, transfer their purchases to the rescheduled event or receive a refund, according to a press release. All events take place in an area of ​​7,500 square meters outdoors with appropriate social distancing measures.

“Given our values ​​and those of our community, we cannot in good faith ask hundreds of cooks and thousands of you to get on cars and planes in a month,” the organizers said in a statement. “Although we cannot predict where we will be as a state or even as a country by then, we know that we are not ready to play with the health of others.”

While a sense of disappointment is a reasonable response to the news, the three-day version looks quite promising. Night One’s 12-person collaboration dinner features local stars like Aaron Bludorn (Bludorn), Top Chef Finalist Dawn Burrell (late August) and Ross Coleman (Dukessa, Lit Chicken). Award-winning Dallas chef Misti Norris (Petra & the Beast) will be on the second night with Brittany Anderson, Top Chef of the Eighteen nominee. All 24 chefs will work together for a final dinner on August 29th.

In addition to dinners, Commune Preview features four pop-ups: Lucky Danger events from Washington, DC Chefs Tim Ma and Andrew Chiou; a Jewish deli run by chefs Libby Willis (formerly MeMe’s Diner) and Zoe Kanan (formerly Simon and the Whale); Palestinian Roast Chicken from Chef Marcelle Afram; and a fourth is to be announced. Tickets for all dinners and pop-ups are available now.

“We appreciate that you are navigating with us and look forward to taking these lemons and making lemonade,” the statement concludes. “What’s better than an anti-food festival? Two. Let’s do this, Houston.”

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