Houston’s Turkey Leg Hut travels to Louisiana to assist with Hurricane Ida

Houston’s hugely popular Turkey Leg Hut will travel to Louisiana to help those hit by Hurricane Ida, with more than 3,000 turkey legs in tow.

The restaurant is headed to Hammond, Louisiana, about 300 miles from Houston, with vital supplies and volunteers who are helping people clear storm debris and feed those in need, according to a press release. The restaurant leaves the restaurant with 3,500 turkey legs, 15 pallets of bottled water, extra food, and equipment like chainsaws to fix fallen trees and other damage.

“We know what it is like to lose everything in a hurricane and we all need to take care of each other and help our neighbors in any way we can,” said owner Nakia Price in a statement. “It is important for us to do everything we can with fresh drinking water, a meal and a few boots on site to support the rescue efforts.”

Although sometimes controversial, this is not the first time the Turkey Leg Hut has participated in disaster relief efforts. When an unusual winter storm earlier this year left thousands of Texans without electricity or clean water, the restaurant was strengthened and provided hot meals and bottled water to those affected by the storm.

Hammond, Louisiana, was hit by Hurricane Ida, which lost power and caused significant property damage across the region. The power is still off and crews are currently assessing the damage caused by the storm to see when it can be restored. Meanwhile, volunteer organizations are working to help residents repair their homes and gain access to essential services.

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