How does the Houston Restaurant Weeks 2021 work?

HOUSTON – It’s basically a foodie vacation: the return of the Houston Restaurant Weeks. This week-long culinary festival runs from August 1st to September 6th. It’s a great opportunity to try new places, indulge in meals that are usually out of budget, and raise funds for the Houston Food Bank.

Here’s the breakdown of how it works: If you pay $ 49 for a dinner, it will donate $ 5. A $ 35 dinner results in a $ 3 donation. And $ 20 lunches and brunches make $ 1. Remember, every dollar donated means the chalkboard can provide three meals.

Pay attention to the letters next to the restaurant name. This tells you whether it is brunch, lunch or dinner.

You can click on an individual restaurant to view the menu. At Urban Eats, for example, $ 35 gives you a choice from the first course list, then the second, then the third.

This page also shows you where the restaurant is and whether reservations are required or whether you can just walk in.

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