Open Houston Eating places & Extra for Wednesday, February 17th

The effects of the Texas power outage and excruciating temperatures have worsened. In addition to the cold, many Houstonians are now struggling with broken pipes, collapsing ceilings and, above all, without water. Even if the pipes are not broken, there have been reports of low water pressure in some parts of the city.

As always – if the roads are still icy, do not drive unless absolutely necessary. However, as temperatures above freezing point by sunset are expected today, it is possible that driving a car during the daytime hours is less precarious than it was a few days ago. For people looking for a warm place and meal, here are the restaurants that are expected to be open.

This list will be updated during the day.

A note on grocery stores

Although many grocery stores opened yesterday, some readers find the hard way that not all are open again today. Check out our list of stores confirmed open by readers.

Bellaire / Sharpstown

Pho VN 21, 5800 Bellaire: Cloud 10 Creamery owner Chris Leung says it’s open – and wasn’t even particularly busy when he visited.

Downtown / center

Boeuf Bourguignon in Café PoetesBoeuf Bourguignon (Burgundy beef) in Café Poêtes. Photo by Phaedra Cook.

Café Poêtes, 122 West Gray: Owner Karine Favre-Massartic says her cozy French bistro is only open for takeaway orders from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Order.

Tacos A Go Go, 910 Louisiana: Downtown the long-running Tex-Mex classic at One Shell Plaza is only open for take-away and delivery until 3:00 p.m.

EaDo / east side

Indianola, 1201 Saint Emmanuel: Co-owner Vincent Huynh says the restaurant will open at 3pm (hopefully) for takeout and delivery orders. Call (832) 582-7202 or just stop by and place an order. Please note that there is only a limited amount of food available. So if it’s sold out, it’s gone.


Tacos A Go Go, 2912 White Oak: Get a taco fix today by 10pm today. Orders are for take away and delivery only.


Phat Eatery’s award-winning beef rendang.

Fat restaurant, 20119 Colonial Parkway: The popular eatery in the center of Katy Asian Town is open to Pick-up to the curb only with a limited evening menu. Orders can be placed online.

Orleans seafood cuisine, 20940 Katy Freeway: Even though the phones are off, the owners say, “Just drive up and park!” A team member will meet you at your car to pick up your owner. The limited menu still sounds really good: fried shrimp dinner, catfish and shrimp dinner, fish dinner or a bowl of gumbo. Please note: currently only cash can be accepted.

Museum district

The handwritten, limited menu for 02/17/21 at Chapultepec Lupita. Photo by Mike Copenhaver.

Chapultepec Lupita, 813 Richmond: Reader Mike Copenhaver reports it is open with a limited take-away menu. Please note that the restaurant currently only accepts cash.

Rice village

Roma, 2347 University: owner Shanon Scott is set up to adhere to the advice on boiling water – and is known for having plenty of great Italian wine on hand too. Food, takeaway, curbside, and delivery services are available. View the menu online and Call (713) 664-7581 to reserve or order. Provided you have electricity at home, there will also be a virtual dinner with the wines of Malvirà for this Friday.

Spring branch

A general note: Reader Rashmi Parthasarathi – Kishinevsky says that some Korean grill restaurants on Long Point Road are open because they use propane for cooking. We recommend that you call your desired location in advance before you set off.

Sugar Land

Coriander chicken and chicken vindaloo with naan and saffron rice in the Nirmanz Food Boutique in Sugar LandCilantro Chicken Vindaloo in the Nirmanz Food Boutique in Sugar Land. Photo by Nirman Shah.

Nirmanz food boutique, 16338 Kensington: There is hardly anything better to warm up on a freezing cold night than comforting Indian curries. This popular eatery from Chef Nirman Shah serves an extensive menu of curries, Indian street food, and other favorites. Try it Chicken Vindaloo with red chile sauce and potatoes or that Coriander Chicken with its complex green coriander-based sauce. Further information and the full menu can be found on the Nirmanz Food Boutique website.

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