Ought to the Houston Texans Mills rank 2nd QB after a robust coaching session?

HOUSTON – Beginner mistakes are inevitable. On Wednesday, Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills signed just one notable.

Mills, currently listed as QB # 3 on the Texans’ depth map – yes, with the oddity of camera-shy Deshaun Watson behind him in 4th place – is still learning the ropes. It’s been a climb since that early Saturday afternoon camp when he threw five interceptions in the red zone in front of dissatisfied fans.

But what happens to another strong practice? Could he move up to second place by the weekend?

Wednesday was Mills’ best day yet in a Texan uniform. He hit on a 40-yard pass downfield with Keke Coutee during 11-on-11 drills to start the day. If the piece had been live on a Sunday, it would have given him the touchdown.

“He’s doing a good job,” said Texas defensive lineman Vincent Taylor of Mills. “He just has to keep coming here and doing what he does, doing what the coaches tell him and it will help the team.”

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In two minutes of work, Mills looked like a passerby who knows about watch management. He faced veteran Chris Conley twice, including a third shot that could have been a 20-yard touchdown.

Instead, the Texas coaches called the game at the 2-yard line – and drew an argument from Conley. Two tracks later, Mills was intercepted by Vernon Hargreaves, ruining the positive drive.

That was the only noticeable mistake. Everything else? He looked like the part of what GM Nick Caserio saw when he picked him 67th overall.

“He’s getting better and better every day in training,” said Texas head coach David Culley. “Just like Jeff (Driskel), Tyrod (Taylor), all these guys. Every day they get better and better.”

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Offensive coordinator Tim Kelly said Mills’ greatest asset was its adaptability to the system.

“When we get that from our players, it shows they are coachable,” Kelly said last week. “It shows that they have a good understanding and understanding of what we ask of them. At this position (quarterback) you can no longer see the panic errors. Things are starting to slow down and he is really comfortable when he’s back, especially when he’s in his pocket. “

Culley said he hopes to see consistency against Green Bay this weekend when Mills takes the field against the Packers. Taylor may be the starter right now, but Mills, a project right now, may be the next face of the franchise.

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On Wednesday, Mills said he was hoping for the opportunity to show off his skills in front of an audience while representing the Texans.

“Of course I’m only happy if I can play on Saturday,” said Mills. “Go out there and show what I can do.”

Yes, Mills’ last practice throw resulted in a turnover. That shouldn’t define what was certainly a positive outing and one that might help him climb up the depth map before week 1.

“You can’t let these little mistakes fool you,” said Mills. “The biggest thing on my mind is the next game and that’s the only thing that matters.”

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