Police impersonator arrested after robbing a number of Houston pharmacies, MPs say

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – The Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man Wednesday after the suspect was charged with impersonating a police officer to rob several pharmacies across the county.

Travis Lee Wilson, 32, faces serious robbery charges.

Wilson used a cop costume to access private areas of the pharmacy before requesting pain medication, investigators said.

The suspect’s vehicle, a Ford Expedition, was reportedly found Wednesday in Alvin, Texas. HCSO MPs later arrested Wilson at his home without incident, with the help of DPS soldiers and the Texas Rangers.

The suspect’s vehicle contained a toy gun, a black shirt with the words “Police” on the back, and a fake plastic badge, the sheriff’s office said. The officers also discovered several stains of fentanyl in the man’s apartment.

According to MPs, the patches were one of the items the suspect requested during a heist on the Walgreens on 2103 FM 2920 on Wednesday.

During the Walgreens robbery, Wilson allegedly turned to the pharmacy counter and asked an employee if he could speak to her privately. According to court records, the suspect handed the woman a list of controlled substances and said she was once robbed in the vaccination room.

The suspect threatens to kill the employee and then himself if she does not administer fentanyl and oxycodone, MPs said.

According to the employee, the drugs had a total value of $ 735.

The robbery investigators have arrested a suspect who posed as a police officer in a pharmacy robbery. Name and mug shot will be published after further investigation. Thanks @TxDPS for the help. #HouNews

– HCSOTexas (@HCSOTexas) December 7, 2017

Wilson is also accused of breaking the Edgewood Pharmacy at 120 S. Friendswood Dr. to have robbed; a Kroger Pharmacy at 12,000 Hwy 6 on November 21; a CVS pharmacy at 10904 Scarsdale Blvd. on November 27; and attempting to rob the HEB pharmacy on FM2920 on Spring Cypress Road on November 27th.

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