President Donald Trump honors Houston Astros on the White Home for profitable the World Sequence

WASHINGTON, DC (KTRK) – The Houston Astros were in Washington, DC for the team’s first visit to the White House.

The team was invited to the White House to celebrate their World Series win and took a day from spring practice to fly from Florida to Washington.

Astros’ Twitter account shared photos of the players stepping off the plane Monday morning, all dressed up to meet President Trump.

President Trump praised the team for their unbreakable spirit, playing like it did after Hurricane Harvey.

Trump highlighted a few players on the team, including George Springer, Jose Altuve, and Justin Verlander.

“This guy’s a monster,” Trump said when he mentioned that he and Verlander played golf.

Before Josh Reddick presented a gift from the team to Trump, coach AJHinch joked, “If you follow our team, you may be concerned that we will give Mr. President a speedometer. But we are not.”

Mattress Mack, Senator John Cornyn, Rep. Kevin Brady, and Senator Ted Cruz were among the Texans attending the ceremony.

Trump also recognized members of the Cajun Navy.

Veteran baseball player Carlos Beltran told reporters in February that he would not be joining the team. He said he was disappointed with the relief efforts for his native Puerto Rico.

Carlos Correa and Ken Giles did not attend the ceremony for family reasons.

The New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Penguins and Clemson Tigers have all visited the White House in recent months to be congratulated on their titles by the President. The Golden State Warriors did not make the trip after being unloaded by President Trump. The president has been openly speaking for weeks about his rejection of players who kneel during the national anthem to protest social injustices.

ABC13 sports reporter David Nuno is in DC with the Astros. Follow his updates on Twitter and Facebook.

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