Prime 10 Houston Meals Finder Articles of 2020

2020 was a strange and chaotic year – a fact that is reflected in what people read. Instead of articles on new restaurants and happy hours, readers focused on grocery stores, takeaway and delivery, patio dining, and neighborhood pubs. Given the year we’ve just had, these decisions aren’t surprising. With the pandemic restricting dining options and increasing diners’ safety concerns, it makes sense that people were more interested in cooking at home, staying nearby, eating at home, and the occasional safe spot to be found on a socially distant terrace.

As we try to navigate the New Year, let’s take a look at what moved us through 2020. Here are the top 10 Houston Food Finder articles from last year.

The colorful pergola-style terrace at Kau Ba Saigon in Montrose.The colorful pergola-style terrace at Kau Ba Saigon in Montrose. Photo by Chris Morris.

  1. At the height of Houston’s heat and humidity, Sandra explored Crittendenenden nine shady restaurant terraces that offered safe protection from the August sun.
  2. Unfortunately, many restaurants and bars did not survive the COVID-19 crisis. In our ninth most-read article of 2020 Ryan Kasey Baker documents the loss of a downtown bar and a Heights restaurant.
  3. Before the pandemic, Cuc Lam, head of the soon-to-be-opened bánh mì shop ice in Katy Asian Town Center, wrote about 14 Must-Try Asian Restaurants in the Houston Area
  4. In June, Samantha Morris immersed himself in a list of hers Favorite restaurants in Pearlandwhere she has lived for years.

Beers at Holler Brewery BreSelection on tap from the Holler brewery. Courtesy photo.

  1. Written in January, before the COVID-19 crisis, Carlos Brandon‘s article about the best breweries in Houston was read year round, which is not surprising as many breweries have large outdoor and indoor spaces for socially distant eating and drinking.
  2. Although it was written in 2019, our article is about the best places to have lunch in the Heights remained popular throughout 2020.
  3. In March, Paul Galvani launched his favorite grocery line by selling his Favorites from popular trader Joe’s.
  4. When the dining rooms of the restaurants were closed in March 2020, many restaurants switched to take away and delivery. To help diners support their favorite restaurants, the Houston Food Finder team began putting together an extensive one Guide to restaurants in the Houston area offering take away and delivery.
  5. As the weather got warmer and restaurants with limited capacity were allowed to reopen, Staci Davis explored some of Houston’s best restaurant terraces for socially distant outdoor dining.
  6. From bratwurst to mussels, Paul Galvani detailed five of his favorite products that he has at Aldi. can buy, the Germany-based discount grocery chain.

Now that 2020 is behind us, it will be interesting to see how Houston food turns out in 2021. If the first five days of the New Year are a sign of this, terraces will continue to be popular. The real question is when will more guests feel comfortable eating and drinking indoors? Almost certainly, the widespread adoption of the newly available vaccines is key.

Whatever happens, we hope that you continue to turn to Houston Food Finder to guide you through the area’s extensive and acclaimed dining scene.

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