Readers say these grocery shops in Houston will open on Wednesday, 02-17-21 – up to date with new closings

Like many stores today, some grocery stores cannot open due to a lack of electricity and running water. However, Houston Food Finder’s readers report those that are actually open. If we find that these also contain packaged ice or bottled water, we add this information as well. (We also include convenience stores.)

Expect long lines and limited almost everywhere. HE-B is open today for stores in the Houston area from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (HEB also owns Central Market, Mi Tienda, and Joe V’s.)

empty water shelves at HEBCompletely wiped out water shelves at HEB in Kirkwood and Westheimer on Tuesday, February 16. Photo by Hank Lewis.

This is an ongoing list and will be updated as more information is received. Please send new information by email. Thanks to all of our readers who shared their knowledge.

Direct grocery delivery

of the house gnocchiDellaCasa Pasta makes a variety of pasta and sauces in Tomball. Photo by Natalie Wells

From the pasta house: No grocery store, but this local fresh pasta producer in Tomball will deliver on Thursday, February 18th. and Friday, February 19th directly to the residents. Check the order page and selections online. “We supply the residents of Houston and the surrounding cities,” said owner Luisa Obando. “We try to get as far as Friendswood, but if we don’t get at least three orders for the more distant area and can’t justify the delivery, we’ll refund the purchase price in full.”

Bellaire / Bellaire triangle

Bowl, 11831 Bellaire: According to a representative, it is “well stocked with water, snacks, groceries, batteries and fuel”. It also supposedly has ice.

Chinatown / Sharpstown

Firmly, 8710 Bellaire


Phenicia specialties, 1001 Austin: The downtown outpost of the international food supermarket is open. It is recommended to check the shop’s Facebook page before heading out in case anything changes. Please note: the shop has run out of ice or regular mineral water, but there is some sparkling water.


Kroger, 239 West 20th

Kroger, 1035 North Shepherd: Reported by the reader to be open until 5 p.m.
Isabella Stole-Lerma.

Kroger, 1440 Studemont: Was previously reported closed, but reader RoChelle Salinas says it’s open now – and has gas. The lines are of course long.

Lazybrook / Timbergrove

Foodara, 1805 Ella: The market near TC Jester is open with long lines, according to reader Jessica Fallon.


HEB Meyerland, 4955 beechnuts: reported as open, but bottled water is “very scarce” and about to run out. Packaged ice cream is now available.


HEB, 8710 Pearland Parkway


Bowl, 6451 North Freeway: A representative from owner company FuelUP reports that this location is open to gas, bottled water, ice cream cones and snacks.


Kroger, 6350 N Eldridge Pkwy: Genevieve Guy reports that this location is open.

Bowl, 15450 Highway 249: It currently has no gasoline, but “lots of water, packaged ice, groceries and snacks,” according to a representative.

Rice Military / Washington Avenue

Weather 2/17Reader Jessica Fallon visited the El Tiempo market on Washington Ave, where the meat box is still half full. Photo by Jessica Fallon.

Weather in Taqueria, 5526 Washington: According to reader Jessica Fallon, the market still has meat, eggs, and a nice variety of produce. The dining area is currently closed.


Kroger, 24401 Brazos Town Crossing: Reader Jessica Schumann says the shop was open around 1 p.m. and had both water and gasoline.


Bowl, 7402 Fondren: It currently has no gasoline, but according to a representative “lots of water, packaged ice cream, groceries and snacks”.


Phenicia specialties, 12141 Westheimer: According to a representative, the long-standing international grocery supermarket is open. It is recommended to check the store’s Facebook page in case there are any new developments before leaving. Please note: the shop has run out of ice or regular mineral water, but there is some sparkling water.

CLOSURES reported by readers

Per reader Jennifer Pulse, HEB in the Buffalo Heights District at 3663 Washington Avenue was not open that morning. That may have changed in the meantime.

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