Scorching rooster sandwich à la mode? This dessert-dinner hybrid is a well-liked antidote to Houston’s warmth

Beloved Height’s restaurant, Mico’s Hot Chicken, has launched a dripping new dish that blurs the line between dinner and dessert – an ice cream and chicken sandwich.

The unique new offer is structured like Mico’s standard hot chicken sandwich, but with a cute new addition. The “Sammich”, whose heat ranges from nada to extra hot, consists of a roasted boneless chicken breast and two scoops of ice cream, sandwiched between roasted brioche rolls.

“The sandwich is taking the city by storm,” the Heights area restaurant wrote in a post announcing the new menu item.

Unsurprisingly, the sweet and savory sandwich turned out to be divisive, generating dozens of comments and a few questions. The reactions ranged from approval and excitement to well-being, shock, and slight dislike.

“Why?” commented a succinct skeptic.

“Look, I don’t doubt that’s a good thing and all. But Mico’s chicken-sammich needs nothing more than this coleslaw and pickle, ”wrote a fan about Mico’s unique new offer.


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“I pass with the ice cream, but give me this medium and everything will be fine !!!” wrote another fried chicken sandwich traditionalist.

Meanwhile, some aspiring ice cream and chicken sandwich aficionados wanted Mico’s up the ante – and the ice cream – even more.

“Put on fried ice cream and you have me,” wrote one person.

“Can you get it on the loaded fries too?” Asked a particularly enthusiastic ice cream fan.

It’s unclear how long the Mico’s will be serving their sandwiches à la fashion, so as the old saying goes, get it while it’s hot.

Don’t you consider yourself an experimental eater? Mico’s other offerings include the Nashville-style hot chicken sandwich, tender, and french fries.


Mico’s Hot Chicken is located on 1603 North Durham Drive in The Heights. Check out the menu here.

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