Sizzling Meals USA feeds hospital employees in Houston | Native information

“Jake put the menu together and delivered food to us every day. They were tickled pink to do that, ”said Cochran.

“I thought we were lazing around for four days at the convention, but we had breakfast there and then went to work. I slept at 8pm, ”he added. “We also fed a few hundred meals at convention so the Rotarians could see what we could do.”

He made only one stop on his way to Houston and visited Rotarians in Wichita, Can. “To show them what we do and how we do it,” he said.

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Cochran was affected by the severity of the Houston pandemic.

“All the hospitals were full. When we arrived we had to sign a written letter stating that we knew the hospitals were full and that if we were injured or sick we would have to leave the state for care. There was no place in hospitals, ”he said.

He and the Hendrickses also had to show a vaccination card and wear masks at all times.

“It was fun to come down and help. When we left we saw hurricane signs. A tropical storm was approaching Houston. We wanted to stay an extra night, but we didn’t, ”he said.

Cochran left on September 8th and returned home on Tuesday morning. “I’ve lost 11 pounds. It was the best crash diet in the world, ”he said.

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