So Houston needs to be on the following quarter

Memorial quarters are something special. Houston deserves its own.

The US Mint pressed dozens of memorial quarters to honor sacred and beloved national historic sites across the country, a decade-long program that began in 2010 when the final quarters of the state and territory were being minted.

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The sites included locations from each state, such as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, and (last but not least) the Tuskegee Airmen location in Moton Field, Alabama – the last in the series.

The Texas honor went to the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park, a 2019 neighborhood that pays homage to ancient Spanish colonial coins.

San Antonio is a vibrant city with an ingrained history and deserves this recognition. But can Houston get a shout-out at some point?

The US Mint is hushing up plans for another quarterly program. But it’s easy to guess that a new program might come out of the pipe soon.

And if so, Houston should be featured. You heard it here first.

Here are the Houston locations in the next series:

Johnson Space Center

Space city. Enough said.

The astrodome

The eighth wonder of the world deserves the treatment of George Washington.


Houston is a world famous food city. It is time we were recognized for this.

Katy Highway

The 26 lanes of Katy Freeway pay homage to our love for cars, oil, and gas (it might be time for a break up).

Messed up records and tapes

So the world can know DJ Screw and his traces in the music industry as well as Houston’s deep roots in rap and hip-hop.

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