Strangers cease the theft of Houston’s Unicorn Snow Cone meals truck

The theft of a snow cone food truck was caught on camera on Wednesday. But it’s not the theft that makes this story a wild one. So it was restored.

HOUSTON – Don’t be fooled by the looks of a Houston food truck. The owners of a pink trailer full of hearts and unicorns mean business.

The Unicorn Snow Cone food truck has been open since 2019 and specializes in gourmet shaved ice cream. Check out their Instagram page and you will see pictures of colorful snow cones decorated with rainbow and candy toppings.

When Yesenia Garcia employees were about to start their shift on Wednesday, they discovered that the food truck had been stolen.

A surveillance video shows it was stolen from its location near Spring Branch at 10:22 a.m.

Not today thieves! Don’t mess with this pink food truck covered in hearts and unicorns! The owners and a TON of strangers worked together to catch this unicorn. One of the heroes is a tow truck driver who is sitting in a drive way and has heard about the stolen snow cone truck. Turn on @ 10! # KHOU11

– Lauren Talarico (@KHOULauren) June 25, 2021

Garcia’s husband called the police when Garcia went to nearby stores to look for clues their cameras had picked up.

The video showed two men in a brown truck pulling up, coupling the trailer to their truck, and then driving away.

Garcia posted the video on Facebook and the tips were starting to come in.

“Everyone has gathered,” said Garcia. “Because we are now getting a huge response. People commented and sent tips. “

One of the clues said the trailer had been spotted at a gas station near the airline. Garcia’s husband checked it and found it parked across from a store’s gas station.

Garica also showed up, called the police and waited for them to arrive, recording cell phone videos of the alleged thieves. But then the thieves set off again, this time with Garcia following them. Unfortunately, they managed to escape.

Fortunately, Kenneth Jackson, a tow truck driver sitting in a driveway listening to police scanners, had heard of the stolen trailer. Then he realized that it was behind it and decided that he wanted to help.

“I thought man,” said Jackson. “Okay, I’ll put my food on the side seat and now he’s behind me trying to cross the parking lot. And he just started dodging me … losing me. “

It did not work. With the help of another tow company, they blocked the thieves, who eventually threw the goods away and fled.

It took a whole bunch of strangers to prove that sometimes you can really catch a unicorn.

“Crazy! You know? It was a blessing,” Garcia said. “It’s incredible, and that’s why Houston is the best! Nobody messes with Unicorn Snow Cone!”

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