That is how Houston may also help the victims of Hurricane Ida

Millions of people on the Gulf Coast including much of New Orleans, were without power earlier this week when Hurricane Ida swept over Louisiana and Mississippi on Sunday and Monday.

On the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Ida landed on August 29 in the direction of Louisiana. Strong winds and heavy rain destroyed the power Lines including a great tower that collapsed in Jefferson Parish and leaves a conductor from an electrical line in the river itself.

The storm moved to the northeast and caused severe flood damage in New York and the border triangle. The region was hit by record rains and 40 people drowned in their homes and cars, according to AP.

The damage from the Category 4 hurricane is significant on both the east and Gulf coasts. According to Louisiana Department of Health, there are a total of nine storm-related deaths. While the victims of the powerful hurricane await government aid, civilians are on local groups like. reliant Houston’s auxiliary gang and the Cajun marine for rescues in the meantime.

Here are some ways we can help our Hurricane Ida-devastated neighbors.

United Route from Southeast Louisiana

Given the current lack of power in Louisiana, the city of New Orleans suggests donating to the United Way of Southeast Louisiana, where the donations will be used for immediate relief efforts.

For donations, visit United Way of Southeast Louisiana’s website.

Galerie Möbel & Kroger

Gallery Furniture’s Mattress Mack teamed up with Kroger to quickly send out volunteers and donations. They ask for donations of long-life food, bottled water, diapers, pet food, toiletries, socks, books, games, puzzles and activities for families with children.

Include donations Gallery Furniture, 6006 N. Freeway, or your local Kroger.

Auxiliary band

Trae The Truth’s Relief Gang helps those affected by bringing together volunteers for hurricane rescue. In an Instagram post, they asked that their inbox be clear in order to prioritize help for those who need immediate help. They also accept monetary donations.

To donate, visit Relief Gang’s website.

Cajun Navy Relief

The volunteer-run Cajun Navy Relief is asking for Detergents, rubber boots, bug spray, bleach, wipes, gloves, masks, respirators and disinfectants. You also accept financial donations and volunteers to help with rescue and deployment.

To donate, visit Cajun Navy Relief’s website.

Houston Food Bank

The Houston Food Bank urges volunteers to build and replenish disaster kits of food and emergency supplies as they continue to send truckloads to Louisiana.

Register online for more information and to sign up for shifts at the Houston Food Bank website.

Crowdsource Rescue

After the clash of Hurricane Harvey, Crowdsource Rescue brings its efforts to Louisiana. The non-profit disaster control team connects a volunteer with a victim in need of rescue. They ask those with boats and experience to rescue those in need.

Register online to join Crowdsource Rescue website.

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