The brand new sushi sister idea from Bosscat Kitchen is coming to Houston

A California sushi restaurant is coming to the Highland Village area. Ten sushi + cocktail bars will open in spring / summer 2022 at the intersection of Westheimer Strasse and Mid Lane.

Ten Sushi, owned by BCK Management, opens opposite its sister concept Bosscat kitchen, the whiskey-obsessed comfort food restaurant that opened in 2017, and next to two residential towers where the company operates private bars for residents.

“I thought the Afton Oaks, River Oaks area was ripe for what we’re doing,” John Reed, CEO and co-owner of BCK Management, told CultureMap. said in a statement. “The mix of sushi and ambience will be fun for this area in my opinion.”

Ten serves sushi alongside a Pan-Asian menu with dishes ranging from Japanese (miso soup, tempura) to Chinese (honey-walnut shrimp, kung pao chicken) and more. The Ten location in Houston offers space for around 100 guests on an area of ​​3,700 square meters.

Originally opened as Ten Asian Bistro in 2008. Reed and his business partner Leslie “Miss Bosscat” Nguyen bought the concept in 2014. With plans to move from Newport Beach to Irvine, CA and open a second location in Houston, the partners decided to rebrand away from Tens nightclub- Roots and towards a direction that focuses on Bosscat’s reputation for personal service and creative cocktails.

“We wanted to modernize the brand and the menus,” says Reed of the name change. “Our cocktail program at the Bosscats is very successful. We saw the opportunity to do the same with Ten. “

To facilitate this change, Ten hired Gary Ly as a consultant. Known locally for his work at Underbelly and as the cook and co-owner of 93 ‘Til in Montrose, Ly worked with BCK Management Chef Peter Petro on a range of small dishes drawn from a variety of Asian cuisines. Chef Ly will roll out the offering at Ten’s upcoming Irvine location before he brings the dishes to Houston.

“We gave him a carte blanche to bring in some fun flavors,” says Reed. “We’ve put together 14, 15 new articles that are going to be pretty amazing.”

On the sushi side, Ten has a diverse selection of sushi and sashimi, including nigiri and black rice sushi rolls.

As with Bosscat, Reed says BCK will show Ten with a series of pop-ups in Houston. Stay tuned for more information as the opening approaches.

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