The Houston charcuterie sensation opens a brand new storefront in The Heights

A Houston charcuterie sensation will open a brick and mortar storefront in The Heights. Graze, a service that produces elaborate cheese and sausage platters, will be launched this autumn at Wolf Capital Partners’ renovation of 1135 E 11th St.

Owner Alyssa Case tells CultureMap that she started her company in 2019 after a career in the modeling industry. Case says Graze currently excels at carefully sourcing its products and creating presentations that ensure the end result is both delicious and beautiful.

“I try to keep everything local in Houston and Texas,” Case says. “If not, it’s the best the rest of the US has to offer.”

To do this, Case sources all of its cheese through Houston Dairymaids, and many of them come from farms in Texas. Graze’s jams are also produced locally. The sausages come from Italy because, as Case notes, “if they’re not from Texas, why not from Italy?”

Boards come in a number of styles, from single servings to bespoke creations designed to feed dozens of people. The popular classic (Feeds 10-12) comes with four types of cheese and three types of charcuterie, while the oversized Texas board feeds up to 30. From there, customers can opt for elaborate table spreads.

“That’s what I love to create,” she says. “It’s a huge meat and cheese board on whatever surface you choose. In my opinion, it is an edible work of art. You can be as big as you want; eight feet is a common size. “

Case says she has always wanted a store front where customers can pick up anything they need for a special occasion, from their bespoke boards to accessories like crackers, candles, and more. While the footprint will be small, Graze will even have a couple of tables.

“Most of all, I want to offer people a place where they can graze and snack and come with a friend and enjoy a nice atmosphere while they also eat really good food,” she says.

The storefront will also enable Graze to offer shorter delivery times for orders, including same day for smaller boards. If everything goes according to plan, Graze opens in late September or early October. Until then, it will be operated in the current delivery-only mode.

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