The Houston Meals Financial institution intervenes in the summertime

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) Food insecurity is a major concern for many people in the Houston area. The need for a meal increases when the children are at home. This is the case with many families who have children at home due to the ongoing pandemic.

To help, one of the Houston Food Bank’s initiatives is a mobile pantry giveaway. Thousands of families receive free grocery boxes.

The Houston Food Bank feeds millions of people every year. This year, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, Houston Food Bank President and CEO Brian Greene says it is imperative to give away boxes of food that could help about 5,000 to 6,000 families.

It’s a resource for families and you know we have large warehouses where we can get lots and lots of that excess groceries. And so .. If you are struggling to make ends meet please consider us a resource that can really help you.

Houston Food Bank CEO Brian Greene

When school is down, Greene says summer is the worst time of the year for kids. It is when the need for food banks is greatest. He calls it “starvation time”.

The reality is … people have expenses all year round. Of course, most households incur additional expenses at the beginning of the school year. Any household with children. And so it can cause an additional little shock.

Officials say the number of food donations has increased significantly due to the pandemic.

“The families who are doing well have thought very generously of the families who are not doing well,” said Grenne.

President Greene says food insecurity isn’t just a low-income problem. It affects everyone in the community.

“You know all of these people… They are here to help their neighbors. You know, they help their neighbors because they take care of them, ”said Grenne.

If your family needs food, don’t hesitate to contact your local board for resources.


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