The Houston Meals Financial institution is looking for volunteers following the devastation of Hurricane Ida

Posted: 9/3/2021 / 6:55 am CDT
Updated: 09/03/2021 / 11:03 AM CDT

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) – In the middle of hurricane season, Louisiana’s food needs are even higher. The Houston Food Bank is calling for more volunteers.

September is Hunger Action Month and our parent company Nexstar Media Group, Inc. works hard with Feeding America all month to end food insecurity for good.

Although the need for volunteers is year-round, the Houston Food Bank is asking for the community to step in and help.

The goal is to have hurricane disaster kits ready for use by thousands of people. In fact, two truckloads of groceries left this facility for New Orleans, Louisiana early Friday morning.

Foodbank officials say that with the devastation following Hurricane Ida, it is imperative to have enough volunteers to replenish the disaster packages.

Community workers say the foodbank started shipping groceries to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Thursday and will continue to do so as demand continues to rise.

For hurricane relief efforts, the Houston Food Bank coordinated with several other groups such as Feeding Texas, Feeding Louisiana, Feeding America to prepare more emergency supplies.

The aim is to help thousands of people in this crisis. The blackboard says they need more hands-on deck to accomplish this. Executives say volunteers are the backbone of the organization.

We spoke to Houston Food Bank President and CEO Brian Greene and Chief Operating Officer Matt Toomes about the impact of volunteers on the organization.

For more information on volunteering and registration, visit or call the helpline to find services at (832) -369-9390. To find a pantry near you


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