The minds behind considered one of Houston’s oldest Mediterranean eating places have a vegetarian restaurant within the works

The minds behind one of the oldest Mediterranean restaurants in Houston will soon be opening a new spin-off restaurant that will exclusively focus on vegetarian and vegan dishes.

According to a press release, owners Fred Sharifi and his nephew Ashkan Nowamooz will be opening Heartbeet in September, an entirely plant-based restaurant that opens on 14714 Memorial Drive, just off Hungrys Memorial Drive. The original Hungry’s Cafe & Bistro, which was founded 45 years ago as a sandwich shop, has long been known for its boozy brunch, beautiful terrace and daily vegan menu. Hungry’s has been offering vegan variants of its Mediterranean home-style cooking since 2016, with a daily offer based on plants. Over time, these daily specials grew into a dedicated section on the menu, vegan brunch, and even kid-friendly options.

As the Hungry owners saw an increasing demand for plant-based dishes, they also saw the perfect opportunity to open a new restaurant entirely focused on veggie-friendly food.

The Heartbeet offers vegetarian home-style cooking such as seitan gyros, wild mushroom noodles with chickpea flour penne, roasted beetroot poke, falafel fingers as well as mac and cheese with cashew sauce. The restaurant also offers freshly squeezed juices and cocktails like a cucumber martini and spicy pineapple margarita.

This isn’t Sharifi and Nowamooz’s first foray into veggie-friendly restaurants. In 2016, around the same time they started vegan dishes at Hungry’s, the family also took over the long-standing Café Baba Yega in Montrose, which offered an extensive menu of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Baba Yega has been closed since a massive fire in 2018 but is slated to reopen by the end of the year.

No word on an exact opening date for Heartbeet just yet, but stay tuned to Eater for more details.

Dishes like seitan steak on ciabatta, vegetable stew with eggplant and peas, vegetable-wrapped grain and lentil shells, and even a vegan brunch, including buckwheat waffles coated with fruit.

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