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An official date for the election has not yet been set and qualification has not yet taken place

PERRY, Georgia – The first person tossed their hat in the ring to replace former Houston DA George Hartwig after his retirement took effect earlier this month.

Former Assistant District Attorney Eric Edwards announced his intention to run for office at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, according to a press release

Edwards currently works in the District Attorney’s office for Macon Judicial Circuit, despite filing a resignation letter to District Attorney Anita Reynolds Howard of Macon earlier this month.

It goes into effect on September 17th, at which point he will return to the Houston Circuit as an ADA.

It is worth noting that an official date has not been set for the election, qualification has not yet taken place, and the governor has not appointed a permanent provisional district attorney.

13WMAZ turned to Erikka Williams, who challenged Hartwig in 2020 and narrowly lost with 48% of the vote.

She told us she put her name up for Governor Kemp’s appointment, but she’s not sure if she’s running for District Attorney. She said the qualifying period has not opened and will not open until the governor calls special elections.

William Kendall, currently acting prosecutor, says his focus for now is on getting that job done and reducing the office’s backlog. He said he had not yet made up his mind whether to run for office.

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