These loopy meals locations in Houston are scrumptious

If there is one thing that you expect from visiting or living in Houston, it is to have your belly filled with some of the best food in the world. We learned that the crazier the food, the better. With this in mind, we’ve made a list of the most delicious, yet craziest restaurants in Houston. the first seven, that is.

Booza’s stretchy ice


Where: Booza

Address: 5922 Richmond Ave Suite A, Houston, TX 77057

Why You Must Try It: Stretchy ice sounds ridiculous, but we’d bet it’s even better than regular ice cream.


Crpes in the cone


Where: eight-turn crpe

Address: 23119 Colonial Pkwy Suite C-8, Katy, TX 77449

Why You Must Try: A crpe in a cone just sounds like mouth gas waiting to happen.


Cotton candy ice cream


Where: Nobibi

Address: 1035 Blalock Rd., Houston, TX 77055

Why you have to try: If you have to eat cotton candy to get to your ice cream, you keep coming back to this place.


Waffle Fry Burger


Where: The Waffle Bus

Address: Until their big store opens in The Heights, you can check their website to see where the bus goes every weekend.

Why you have to try it: The sight of a burger in french fries will make your mouth water before they arrive at your table.


Hot pan donuts

Price: $ 5.75

Where: Decadent café and dessert bar

Address: 4340 Westheimer Rd Suite 150, Houston, TX 77027

Why You Must Try It: It’s like breakfast and dessert in one meal.


Huge hot chicken sandwiches


Where: Mico’s Hot Chicken

Address: 3803 San Jacinto St Houston, Texas

Why You Must Try It: It’s the perfect mix of chicken, hot, and delicious sauce.


Vietnamese fries


Where: Boheme Café & Wine Bar

Address: 307 Fairview St, Houston, TX 77006

Why You Must Try It: You can never have enough fries, and these delicious fries prove just that.


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