Tiger roaming neighborhood road in Houston

WALLER COUNTY, TEXAS (CW39) Over the weekend, a tiger was caught on camera while roaming a neighborhood in Texas. The video shows a Waller County Sheriff’s MP pulling his service gun at a tiger in a residential area

A local representative who took the footage said several neighbors called him and wrote that there was “a tiger on the loose” in their neighborhood.

He got to the place and found the tiger living in the grass of a house at 1103 Ivy Wall Dr. was just over Highway 6 on the west side.

The tiger eventually got up and walked over to the deputy, causing him to pull out his service pistol to protect his community.

The deputy steps backwards away from the tiger. However, it continued to follow him.

The two cross the street and enter a neighbor’s yard. There the tiger stopped at gunpoint. A man who was also being caught by the camera went out and grabbed the tiger and forced him into his house.

The local police officer said someone showed up shortly after and loaded the tiger into a car.

Just as the Houston police arrived, the man left the place and the officers could not catch him.

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